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Do you need a reliable foam gun cleaning fluid?

Look no further than this foam gun cleaning fluid: a high strength, universal solvent cleaner that will dissolve and remove uncured PU foam from applicator guns and surfaces. Efficiently clean and maintain your expanding foam applicator gun with BOND IT | Foam Gun Cleaning Fluid. Maximize the lifespan of your gun and improve foam delivery by regularly using this solvent-based solution. Easily attach the can to standard foam applicator guns, or use the included adapter ring for standalone use. This multipurpose product is a must-have for any professional user. Dry Verge and Roofline Direct also offer this product with express delivery options, so you can be sure to meet your projects budget and time requirements.

Product Specifications:

  • Box of 12
  • 500ml Cans
  • Easily attaches to standard foam guns OR standalone use
  • Express Delivery Options

Data Sheet:

Data Sheet

How to clean your foam gun

Installation Guidance:

Adheres to most common building materials including wood, concrete, stone, plaster, metal, PVC and polystyrene:

  • installation of window and door frames and entrance door linings (where a clean and controlled backfill is required)
  • filling of holes
  • insulation of penetrations
  • sealing of thermal and acoustic insulation boards
  • sealing and connection of joints
  • reducing the impact of thermal bridges.

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