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In need of an essential 6m Dry Hip Accessory Kit?

Ensure your roof has the utmost stability with our Dry Hip Accessory Kit- also known as a dry hip system. Included in this hip system are 6 x hip trays to support and maintain a level run along the hip line, as well as 40 x hip clips securing the ridge and hip tiles that run along the peak. Mechanical fixation is crucial for optimal results. This popular 6m Hip Accessory Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with a dry ridge kit for roofing projects and roofing applications. 

Experience the unbeatable benefits of the Dry Hip Accessory Kit, including effortless installation without any specialized tools required. This dry hip system also provides ultimate water resistance, acting as an impenetrable barrier against water ingress. With durable and UV stable components, rest assured that your kit will deliver top-notch performance and protection for years to come.

It’s important to note that the Hip Accessory Kit does not include a ridge roll and is meant to be used as a supplementary product when utilizing a dry ridge kit on the hip of the roof.

  • Effortless & easy installation

  • No Specialist Tools Needed

  • Protects Against Water Ingress

Product Description:

The 6m Dry Hip Accessory Kit Contains the following : 

  • 6   x 1.2m Hip Trays (black)

  • 20 x Long Tail Hip Clip

  • 20 x Short ‘C’ Hip Clip

Hip Trays:

The Universal Hip Support Tray is a Dry Fix product designed to support hip tiles along the hip line of the roof, without the need for mixing and carrying mortar to bed down the cut hip tiles. Create a perfectly straight and seamless hip line with the installation of our Dry Hip Accessory Kit. Using a dry fix method, our hip tray guarantees a sturdy and inconspicuous solution that enhances the overall look of your roof.

1200mm Long - 6 included in this dry hip accessory kit.

Hip Clips:

Hip Ridge & Valley Clips: Hip Clips are designed to secure cut tiles on the hip, which then have no mechanical fixing. This dry hip accessory kit includes 20 Large clips & 20 Small clips.

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If you need any further support when buying dry hip systems, get in contact with the helpful Dry Verge and Roofline Direct team: 

Call: 01622 296228


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