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Dry Verge and Roofline Direct understand the benefits of having one sealant to suit many sealing jobs. 

So this Bond It Silicone Sealant is the perfect option, especially as it is offered in 4 different colours for an aesthetic finish. Ordered in a box of 25, this GP 200 contractors grade silicone sealant comes with a low modulus and fungal-inhibitor, making it a great option for general sealing tasks around the house and for most DIY projects.

The quick-drying, mould-resistant formula sticks to glass, glazed surfaces, ceramic tiles, plastics, and most paints, and is perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms, and utility rooms. Moreover, it is suitable for kitchen countertops and common DIY projects.

  • Suits most sealing jobs making it the perfect DIY accessory

  • Quick-drying and mould resistant

  • CE Approved: Conforms to EN15651-1,3; F EXT-INT, S1

Note: Not suitable for fixing of mirrors or sealing natural stone or marble. Note: This product should not be used with aquaria or on bitumen or asphalt.

Product Specifications:

  • Box of 25

  • Available in 4 different colours: black, white, clear & brown

Data Sheets:

Application Guidance:


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease or any contaminants that may hinder adhesion. For best results on movement joints, Bond It EXPANDING FOAM is recommended as a backing material, or a suitable backing tape or rod. All cements, concretes and bare metal surfaces should be primed prior to the application of the silicone. Timber should be primed and painted.


Apply using a standard sealant gun with the nozzle cut at an angle of 45°, and to an opening slightly larger than the joint to be sealed. Tool using a stick, plastic spatula or Bond It SEALANT APPLICATOR TOOL wetted with soapy water. Do not apply to wet surfaces, although wetting immediately afterwards will not have any adverse effects. Tools can be cleaned in white spirit prior to curing taking place. Maintenance Resistant to all common household cleaning chemicals. In showers and bathrooms best results are obtained with a weekly clean to prevent organic build up. Stains can be removed with commercial bleach

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