CLEAR AMBER | Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Sheet (930 X 2000mm)


Color: Corrapol-BT Brown Corrugated Bitumen Sheet 930 X 2000mm
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Do you want reliable protection for your outdoor structures?

Corrapol®-BT sheets are manufactured using bitumen to provide excellent waterproofing properties. The Corrapol®-BT sheets are commonly used for creating roofs and covered areas for Sheds, Log stores, walkways, BBQ Shelters and other outbuildings. When you're looking for dependable, reliable protection, Corrapol®-BT sheets deliver watertight performance you can count on, making them ideal for roofing and building long-lasting shelters, walkways and more. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've made the right choice for your outdoor structures. Dry Verge and Roofline Direct provide these corrugated sheets in a range of colours (Black, Green, Red and Brown) all in the size: 930 x 2000mm. We also offer the sheets in 930 x 1000mm if needed instead.  Corrapol-BT sheets offer exceptional protection and ensure that your outdoor structures are safe and sound. With waterproofing properties you can trust and an impressive range of colors, you can count on them to provide a strong foundation and long-lasting design you can rely on. Make the smart choice for your projects and get the peace of mind that comes from having the best in waterproofing protection.

  • Easy to cut to size & easy to install

  • reliable for a range of outdoor structures

  • 5 year life expectancy

  • Low Maintenance

  • Bitumen impregnated for excellent waterproofing

Product Width (mm) Product Length/Depth (mm) Product Height (mm) Width x length Product Weight (KG)
930 2000 1.8 930mm x 2000mm 5.02

Product Specifications:

  • Colours Available: Black, Brown, Green & Red

  • Material: Bitumen-Impregnated

  • Quantity: Individual Sheets

  • Brand: Corrapol-BT

  • 5 Year Life Expectancy

Data Sheets:

Common uses for Corrapol-BT Bitumen Roof Sheets

Versatility is a key factor in CLEAR AMBER | Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Sheet's (930 X 2000mm) popularity - perfect for outdoor DIY and agricultural projects alike. Ideal for timber sheds, outbuildings, barbeque shelters, lean-tos, log stores and beyond, these bitumen roof sheets are the ideal roofing solution!

How many bitumen sheets will I need?


Don't stress if the math for your Corrapol-BT Bitumen Corrugated Roof seems daunting; one simple calculation can tell you how many sheets you need. The coverage width of a Corrapol-BT Roof Sheet is 855mm, allowing for either one or two corrugation overlaps. Take a roof of 5 by 2 metres, for example: first, divide the width of the roof by the coverage width of a sheet - 5000mm ÷ 855mm = 5.85. Round up to guarantee adequate coverage, in this case you need 6 sheets for the width. Then, divide the length thus finding out exactly how many 1 or 2-meter sheets you must have in each run. Still confused? Don't worry - our knowledgeable team will happily help you.


What fixings and flashing do I need to install Bitumen Roof Sheets?

Installing Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Sheets (930 X 2000mm) is a straightforward task. The fastenings and wall and side flashings essential for the installation depend on the profile of the roof. This table outlines the most common accessories needed for each type of Corrapol-BT Bitumen Corrugated Roof:

Common Accessories Where & Why are they needed?
Rock N Lock Gable Flashing  Essential for properly waterproofing your roof and protecting the gables, sometimes called verges, from water leakage.
Foam Eaves Fillers These foam eaves fillers are great for draught exclusion and sealing. 
Corrugated Roof Fixings For securing the bitumen sheets down to your purlins or roof boards.
Corrugated Roof Nails A budget fixing option for securing your corrugated sheets down

Please view our Exploded Project Images to see the full details of the other items you might need to complete your roofing project.

Are Bitumen Roof Sheets made longer than 2 metres?


Due to the manufacturing process, bitumen roofing sheets are only available up to 2m. However, overlapping sheets can create larger lengths. Corrapol BT and Awnapol Corrugated Bitumen Sheets offer 1m lengths, reducing waste when overlapping. Corramet Corrugated Sheets come in up to 4m lengths, although with a slightly higher cost, they're much sturdier and will last far longer than Bitumen Sheets. What's more, they come with fixings included.


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