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Need to block draughts, deaden sound & maintain heat?

BOND IT B3 grade expanding hand held foam is the perfect solution for your economic insulation and gap-filling needs! Sold in boxes of 12, they can be used to block draughts, maintain heat & limit sound. With a polyurethane pre-polymer base, it's fast, easy to apply, and keeps air flowing evenly. Once cured, it can be cut, sawn, plastered, and sealed over. It meets DIN4102 Class B3 standards for foam products with no fire-resistant additives. Get your BOND IT Foam today! Dry Verge and Roofline Direct also offer this product with express delivery options.

Product Specifications:

  • Box of 12

  • 750ml hand held foam

  • meets DIN4102 Class B3 standards

Data Sheet:

Data Sheet

Application Guidance:

For fitting doors, windows and insulating pipes and filling gaps and can reduce the need for mechanical fixings.

Areas of Application:

  • Window setting (where a clean and controlled backfill is required).
  • Entrance door linings.
  • Any kind of small break-throughs in walls and other cavities.
  • Can yield up to 40 times can volume.

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