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Need glazing sheets that provide a lightweight and robust solution?

Dry Verge & Roofline Direct love how the Axiome® sheets are easy to cut to size using a fine tooth blade. Experience unmatched strength and endurance with CLEAR AMBER | AXIOME: BRONZE TWINWALL (10mm) - ideal for all your spanning requirements! Its UV-protective exterior ensures long-lasting and dependable performance. With effortless cut-to-size options and durable UV protection, Axiome® simplifies installation.

Clear Amber | AXIOME®: BRONZE TWINWALL SHEETS features light transmission and lightweight design for effortless handling and minimal strain on structures. UV-stabilization stops fabric deterioration, while varying widths are available for varied projects. Pieces won't shatter if struck, and its remarkable rigidness, strength and flexibility gives it an excellent fire rating. Onsite trimming is easy, and it's ideal for a diverse range of building projects! This Axiome 10mm Twinwall Bronze is used for a huge variety of applications. From Canopies and Covered Walkways to Carports and Conservatories, this roofing sheet is truly versatile. Other applications include Equestrian areas, Children’s Play areas, Cold Frames and horticultural uses, Shelters, Greenhouses, Cold Frames, BBQ Shelters, and Bike Shelters, just to mention a few.

These sheets are also offered in a range of colours and sizes- please ensure you choose the correct size from the drop down menu. This products is the BRONZE twinwall 10mm sheet.

  • Good Light Transmission

  • Lightweight construction for easy handling

  • Safe: will not shatter into pieces upon impact

  • Brilliant rigidity, strength and flexibility

  • Easy to cut or trim on-site as needed


Product Specifications:

Product Name Product Width (mm) Product Length/Depth (mm) Product Height (mm) Width x length Product Weight (KG)
Axiome Bronze 10mm Twinwall 690 x 2000mm 690 2000 10 690mm x 2000mm 2.07
Axiome Bronze 10mm Twinwall 1050 x 2000mm 1050 2000 10 1050mm x 2000mm 3.15
Axiome Bronze 10mm Twinwall 1050 x 3000mm 1050 3000 10 1050mm x 3000mm 4.73
Axiome Bronze 10mm Twinwall 690 x 3000mm 690 3000 10 690mm x 3000mm 3.11
Axiome Bronze 10mm Twinwall 2100 x 2000mm 2100 2000 10 2100mm x 2000mm 6.30
Axiome Bronze 10mm Twinwall 2100 x 3000mm 2100 3000 10 2100mm x 3000mm 9.45

Data Sheet & Fitting Instructions: 

Common Uses:

  • Cold Frames

  • Greenhouses

  • Carports

  • Porches

  • Canopies & Shelters

  • Bicycle Shelters

  • Commercial Roof Glazing

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If you need any further support when purchasing Axiome roofing sheets (clear, opal, bronze & black) or any Clear Amber products, get in contact with the helpful Dry Verge and Roofline Direct team: 

Call: 01622 296228

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