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Do you need a Snap Fix Gable Bar to complete your polycarbonate installation?

Snapa Gable Bar is extruded as a great budget option for finishing Axiome Polycarbonate sheets on the final rafter on any Axiome Glazing Structure. Snapa Gable Bars are available in 2m to 6m lengths and are all in white. They work with a simple snap-fix connection offering fast installation great for a wide range of DIY projects including carports, lean to's and decking covers. 

Snapa Polycarbonate Glazing Bars are designed to be be installed with a wide range of thicknesses.

For a higher quality aluminium glazing bar that can used with any thickness of glass or glazing then take a look at our Alukap-XR Aluminium glazing bars. Our Alukap-XR Bar range is best for thicker sheets like Clear Amber's Axiome 35mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets.

Why is a Gable Bar needed on a roof?

Installing a gable bar is crucial for constructing a polycarbonate roof, as it protects the fixings at the edges and minimizes wind uplift. A properly installed gable bar can prolong the life of your roof and ensure a sturdy structure. Our Snapa gable bar is the first of its kind, providing a simple snap-fix solution and eliminating the need for complicated trims or 3-part bars that are difficult to install at roof height!

How many bar end caps come with the Snapa Gable bar?

All Snapa roof glazing bars come with one end cap per bar purchased.

Snapa Gable Bars work with a simple snap-fix connection offering fast installation great for a wide range of DIY projects.

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