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Need a mess free, hassle free and cost effective way to support hip tiles along the roofline?

The Universal Hip Support Tray is a revolutionary Dry Fix product from the Dry Verge and Roofline Direct Dry Hip & Ridge Range. It effectively supports hip tiles along the entire roof line, eliminating the need for messy mortar and tedious carrying. This innovative product is quick and easy to install, even in inclement weather, and requires no maintenance. Its lightweight design makes handling a breeze, ensuring a perfect, seamless hip line when installing dry hip ridge tiles. This hip support tray guarantees a secure and concealed solution that enhances the overall appeal of the roof. With Dry Verge & Roofline Direct offering quick delivery and competitive prices, buy this hip support tray now to elevate your roofing project!

  • Supports Hip Tiles Along the Entire Roofline

  • Quick & Easy to Install & Cut to Size

  • Dry Fix: No Maintenance or Specialist Tools Required

  • Durable & Reliable Hip Support Tray

 Product Description:

  • 1200mm Long 

  • Requires overlap of 100-200mm

  • Easy to cut to size

 Data & Installation Guidance:

The Hip Support Tray is designed to be installed above the vent roll, providing a flat and even surface for tiles along the hip of the roof. This feature is especially important when working with profiled or deep flat tiles. The tray measures 1200mm in length and should have a 100mm-200mm overlap with the tray below it on the hip. To customize the trays at the eaves or ridge-hip junction, simply use a sharp utility knife to cut or shape them to the necessary angles. Finally, securely attach the Hip Support Tray to the previously installed hip battens using appropriate stainless steel nails.

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