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Need a corrugated roofing sheet for demanding environments?

Corramet corrugated roofing sheets are the latest innovation, manufactured with a uniquely blended resin to provide an enhanced strength and rigidity. The Corramet roofing sheets are an excellent solution for more demanding environments and long-term projects. Corramet sheets also require slightly less support being as they are more rigid and robust. Corramet sheets are compatible with the Corrapol-BT registered and patented design for the Gable Side Rock-N-Lock Flashing, Side Wall Rock-N-Lock Flashing & Corrapol-BT Top Wall Flashing systems. The Corrapol-BT Super Ridge system along with a Super Ridge Endcap also works perfectly with the Corramet roof sheets and improves the waterproofing and aesthetics as well as reducing installation time. With unmatched durability, Corramet roof sheets make long-term projects a breeze. Their robustness and rigidity also mean less support is necessary. And the Corrapol-BT design systems make it easy to secure, waterproof, and customize your home, so you can create a personalized and stunning look with minimal time investment. Also available in green.

  • Extremely durable and long lasting

  • Low Maintenance

  • Excellent Waterproofing properties

  • Works with all Corrapol-BT Accessories

  • Includes Fixings

Product Specifications:

  • Colour: Black

  • Quantity: Individual with fixings

  • Material: Reinforced Plastic Compound 

  • Sizes: range of sizes available, see below for details

Sizes Available: 

Product Size Product Width (mm)

Product Length/Depth (mm)

Product Height (mm) Width x length Product Weight (KG)
Corramet Corrugated Roof Sheet Kit 950 X 1000mm 950 1000 40 950mm x 1000mm 3.65
Corramet Corrugated Roof Sheet Kit 950 X 2000mm 950 2000 40 950mm x 2000mm 7.3
Corramet Corrugated Roof Sheet Kit 950 X 2500mm 950 2500 40 950mm x 2500mm 9
Corramet Corrugated Roof Sheet Kit 950 X 3000mm 950 3000 40 950mm x 3000mm 10.9
Corramet Corrugated Roof Sheet Kit 950 X 4000mm 950 4000 40 950mm x 4000mm 14.5


Data Sheet & Installation:

Common Uses:

  • Garage Roofs
  • Shed Roofs
  • Log Stores
  • Chicken Pen Covers
  • Covered walk ways
  • BBQ Shelters

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