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This flat metal ridge clamp is perfect for your next roofing profject.

Dry Verge & Roofline Direct offer these flat metal ridge clamps with express delivery options and two different pack sizes: 10 or 100. Buy your flat metal ridge clamps to ensure a secure and weatherproof installation! Simply drive the countersunk screw, washers, & clamp through the top hole of the ridge and hip union and into the batten below. Tighten the screws to firmly hold the ridge or hip tile in place, providing easy maintenance. With our express delivery & competitive prices, you'll have everything you need right when you need it!

There are also other options, such as the ridge fixing set if you would like angled ridge clamps with the screws or angled ridge clamps on their own.

Product Information:

  • Sizes Available: Packs of 10 or 100

  • Style: Clamps are FLAT

  • SKU: IFMRC (pack of 100) or IFMRC10 (pack of 10)

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