Corrugated Sheeting: PVC or Stormproof?

Today we are comparing PVC and Stormproof options of corrugated roof sheets, so you know which one is best for your roof sheeting project. 

Dry Verge & Roofline Direct offer a large range of roofing sheets from the industry leading Clear Amber, but we understand that choosing the right one isn't always easy.

Discovering the perfect corrugated plastic roofing option can be overwhelming, for most of us they all look the same and all boast to be the best fit for your project - with so many options to choose from, such as the variety of corrugated profiles, the various types of thickness and UV protection, how do you make the right choice? 

Fortunately, we have taken away the stress of the entire process, answering one crucial question: which material is superior, PVC or Stormproof?

First things first: Ignore profile sizes unless you need to match existing sheets, and be wary of buying mini profiles.

Please note that this blog post is dedicated to clear corrugated Corrapol sheets- it will not be relevant to coloured or opaque sheets from the corramet sheet range. 

Is PVC or Stormproof Corrugated Plastic Better?

Although PVC sheets are better for smaller projects and quick, low budget solutions, it is ultimately the Corrapol Stormproof that has an advantage in many areas with strength, longevity and clarity.

When to use PVC: Small & Temporary Projects

When to use Stormproof: Medium & Large Projects

Experience lasting peace of mind with the installation of a Stormproof corrugated roof. These durable PVC corrugated sheets are a cost-effective option for clear corrugated sheeting, perfect for DIY projects and temporary solutions. Trust in their reliable quality for years to come.

Stormproof  PVC
UV protected UV resistant
Virtually unbreakable Can crack and split
High Clarity Slight blue tint
Est 20 yr. lifespan Est 5 yr. lifespan


What is Corrugated PVC? 

PVC corrugated sheeting is a widely available, economical option made from the popular plastic resin Polyvinyl Chloride. This includes products like the PVC Corrapol Clear Roofing Sheet. It is commonly used in construction products such as guttering and decking and offers a moderate lifespan.

The blue hue of PVC clear corrugated roofing sheets is a result of the manufacturing process. Despite their reputation for cracking, PVC sheets are still a viable option. 

Many PVC corrugated sheets on the market are infamous for yellowing fast and cracking and splitting from the brittleness of the sheet. Although a cheaper sheet at first may seem more appealing, most PVC sheets are only UV resistant which means no coating only a slight resistance to slow the degradation. 

So the main takeaway is to buy your PVC sheets from a well known manufacturer, rather than own brand PVC sheet. 

corrapol-pvc corrugated diy grade roof sheet Insitu

What is Corrapol Stormproof?

Dry Verge & Roofline Direct offer the Corrapol® Stormproof sheets, which are exclusively manufactured by Clear Amber. Their unique composition and unparalleled strength defy all stereotypes about clear corrugated sheeting, offering exceptional endurance and longevity at an affordable price-  the unmatched benefits of a Corrapol® Stormproof Corrugated sheet, including high clarity, proper UV protection, longer lengths, and exceptional robustness.


Constructed using a virtually unbreakable resin, our stormproof sheets are the strongest choice for corrugated roofs. Their exceptional strength provides superior impact resistance, making them ideal for outdoor structures such as Lean-tos, carports, pergolas & much more.

When compared to PVC corrugated sheets, which are lighter and have a lower impact resistance, there is no denying the unmatched strength and strength is crucial in ensuring your roof withstands harsh weather conditions. Stormproof sheets live up to their name by providing unparalleled wind uplift and crack resistance. Don't settle for a standard PVC sheet from a DIY store that will easily succumb to even the slightest storm. Upgrade to the durability and reliability of Corrapol Stormproof sheets.


Installing a Stormproof clear corrugated sheet means choosing unmatched clarity that will last. This incredible clarity comes from the top-quality resin used in the manufacturing process. While other "clear" sheets may have a cloudy or tinted appearance, Corrapol® Stormproof remains truly transparent. This is important for larger projects where the cloudiness or tint can create a dull look and reduce light transmission. This is just one reason why homeowners are turning to Corrapol® Stormproof instead of traditional PVC corrugated sheets.

UV Protection:

Many installers may shy away from learning about 'UV Protection', but this concept is crucial for a roof's longevity and should not be overlooked. All clear materials are susceptible to UV damage, which can cause brittleness or yellowing over time as the sun's rays pass through. However, each type of plastic reacts differently to these rays, and some are even coated with a special layer to minimize the effects of UV. To ensure the longest possible lifespan, it's best to choose a Stormproof corrugated plastic sheet with a full UV protection coating. This will prevent the sheet from becoming brittle or discolored, unlike PVC sheets which tend to do so quickly.


The estimated lifespan of corrugated PVC sheets is approximately 5 years; however, this may vary depending on the level of sun exposure and potential weather conditions. The Corrapol Stormproof sheets, which offer superior strength and UV protection, have an impressive estimated lifespan of over 20 years. With their exceptional clarity and durability, these roofing sheets are suitable for various applications, including canopies, shelters, and covered walkways. While they may be slightly more expensive than traditional PVC sheets, the long-term benefits and return on investment make Corrapol Stormproof sheets a worthwhile and cost-effective option.


Do-it-yourselfers can easily install all types of corrugated sheets with their simple and efficient overlapping fitting method. By using corrugated roof fixings, a secure waterproof cover is ensured. The patented Rock N Lock® flashings, compatible with both PVC and Stormproof sheets from the Corrapol® range, are crucial in protecting against wind lift and securing the fixings at the gables. One of the main advantages of the Stormproof sheets is their strength, making them easier to cut and drill than traditional PVC sheets that may crack if not handled properly. This means that you can handle the product with confidence, knowing that you won't damage the sheets before they are installed and put to use. Additionally, the strong nature of the Stormproof sheets allows for lengths up to 4000mm, reducing or eliminating overlaps on longer roofs and minimizing the risk of leaks. Choose Corrapol Stormproof for a secure and durable roofing solution.

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