What is the GRP Roofline Range?

What is the GRP Roofline Range?

What is GRP?

Majority of the roofing industry is coming away from lead and opting for more cost effective solutions such as GRP. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. 

What Products are Part of the GRP range? 

Our GRP Range consists of a large selection of V Flow Roofing: Dry Valleys, Dry Bonding Gutters, Abutment Soakers & standard tile/slate valleys.  Dry Verge and Roofline Direct offer the trustworthy European Plastics GRP Roofline Range. 

They can be used with slates, concrete or clay roof coverings, as well as profiled GRP or metal roofs. A range of options are available with or without mortar (wet or dry fixing)

Why Are GRP Products So Popular?

GRP is sturdy and lightweight, eliminating the need for support, unlike lead which lacks self-supporting capabilities.

It is also more affordable in terms of installation time and due to its lightweight. With its convenient lengths, it also means that GRP is easy to handle and transport around sites.

GRP is flexible and easy to cut, accommodating a range of roof pitches.

The lifespan of GRP is up to 30 years with minimal maintenance, especially for the dry fix options. 


If you need any further support when buying from the GRP range, contact our helpful Dry Verge and Roofline Direct team: 

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